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We are living during extraordinary times.  These are days of a new reformation within the church. The Faith and Order delivered to the Church by our Lord Jesus Christ is not dying as some proclaim but “things which were being cast down are being raised up, and things which had grown old are being made new.” This is especially true in the tradition known as Anglicanism.

As modern life continues to seemingly spin out of control, many are looking for an anchor for their lives.  As timeless values are challenged and uprooted by radical individualism, many are seeking a community isn’t carried along by the winds of the latest fads.  As we are inundated daily with hype and promises that never approach reality, many are looking for truth.

Forward in Faith North America (FiFNA) is a fellowship people and churches who embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ and uphold the Evangelical Faith and Catholic Order which is the inheritance of the Anglican Way.  Our fellowship works, prays, and witnesses for reform and renewal of the Church with “no compromise of truth and no limitation of love.”  Our fellowship includes faithful Anglicans spanning many jurisdictions and structures with the mission to witness to the “faith and order of the undivided Church.”

In 2009, this fellowship gave birth to a new diocese within the Anglican Church in North America, The Missionary Diocese of All Saints.  Our Bishop, William H. Illgenfritz, recently wrote, “We started this Missionary Diocese with nothing but the grace of God: no congregations, no church planters, and no money. We started exactly where God wanted us – totally dependent on His Providing. And the providing has begun.”

The diocese has grown to thirty parishes and missions in Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, New York, Colorado, New Mexico, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. We also have a  concordat of intercommunion with the Iglesia Anglicana Carismatica (IAC) of Venezuela.”

Together with our brothers and sisters in the Anglican Church in North America we are reaching out with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

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