Bishop Jackson Nzerebende Visit

BishopJacksonBishop Jackson Nzerebende of South Rwenzori Diocese, Church of Uganda, will be in the US this summer, from mid-June to July 14 in Florida, then July 15-20 in Ohio. His trip is sponsored by St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Tallahassee (ACNA Gulf Atlantic Diocese), for which he provided episcopal oversight, but with a side trip to Holy Cross Anglican Church, Kent, Ohio (MDAS) July 15-20, to visit with those who support the Nzerebende School in Kasese, Uganda. Four ACNA congregations (three MDAS and one Great Lakes Diocese) have offered on-going support to the school, and the Bishop would like to meet with all of them, and with those who would consider support for the school.

Begun about 8 years ago as a preschool for 35-40 AIDS orphans, the school has morphed into a preschool-to-8th day and boarding school for children in Kasese who would otherwise have no chance of an education. Creating buildings only as funds are available (so as to avoid going into debt), the school has classrooms, dormitories, gardens, and playing fields, and trains and employs (and feeds) local adults who otherwise would not have income. The bricks from which the buildings are built are made on-site by local labor, the school uniforms are sewn by a local seamstress (on a treadle sewing machine), and the students are taught the 3 Rs, but also theology, health, nutrition, and Christian faith. In an area where Muslim expansion is a constant reality, the Nzerebende School is teaching students about Christianity.

Anyone interested in having Bishop Nzerebende visit their MDAS parish to explain about the school is urged to contact Fr. David Mathus, SSC, at Holy Cross, Kent, Ohio, as soon as possible.

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