Bishop’s Christmas Letter

December 18, 2012

Beloved in Christ:

Last week we listened to news that shook us to the very core of our being. The senseless murders of innocent children and brave teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We watched our televisions as the gruesome details were reported and we cried. December 14, 2012 is now added to the list of tragic dates we will remember for the rest of our days on this earth.

Lois and I will remember the date for yet another reason. Within hours of the news from Newtown, Connecticut, we welcomed the birth of our first great grandchild, Addison, a premature, but healthy baby girl and we cried. Tears of sadness were mixed with tears of joy.

Soon, we will welcome the birth of another child. His name is Jesus. We will gather in our churches to celebrate His coming. We will hear again the ancient story. We will sing the carols we have known since we were children. We will come to His altar so that “He may dwell in us and we in Him.” .

This Christmas as we gather to celebrate the birth of our Savior, let us pray for all who lost their lives in Newtown and all who mourn their passing. And, let us pray also for the innocent victims of another mass murder…abortion.

At the same time, remember that sadness and joy may be experienced simultaneously, joy always prevails as light overcomes darkness.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, I am faithfully yours in the service of Christ and His Church.


Bishop Bill Ilgenfritz

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