Holy Week Message from Bishop Ilgrenfritz

Beloved in Christ:


We remember His death,

We proclaim His Resurrection,

We await His coming in glory.

The final three days of Holy Week are the most solemn days of the Christian calendar. The Sacred Tridiuum begins on Maundy Thursday with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. This is the remembrance of the final meal which our Lord Jesus ate with His disciples and during which He instituted the Sacrament of His Body and Blood. Every time we “Do this” Jesus is present to us under the forms of bread and wine. In the washing of feet we are not just remembering an event in the upper room but that each one of us is called to serve.


On Good Friday we will gather at the Cross and we will remember His Suffering and Death not just as an historical event, but as the Church assembled we remember that Jesus loves us as much as He loved the people then.


At the Great Vigil of Easter on Saturday we will celebrate as we remember not just His Resurrection but that each one of us has new life in Him. We are a people called to a new way of living because we follow the One who is not dead but is alive. The One who calls us to follow Him in the Way of the Cross, for this is the way that leads to eternal life.


I wish all of you a Blessed Holy Week.

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