Tres Arroyos

What Is Tres Arroyos?

Our diocesan Tres Arroyos has been adapted from a program called “Cursillo,” which, in Spanish, means “short course.” The Cursillo movement had its origin in the Roman Catholic Church in Spain in the middle of the last century. It was brought to the United States and later adopted by the Episcopal Church; related programs have been developed by many other Christian denominations. The name Tres Arroyos, Spanish for “three streams,” reflects both the Spanish roots of the movement and the three streams of our faith: liturgical, evangelical and charismatic.

The purpose of the movement is to awaken men and women to a greater sense of responsibility to live the Christian life, and to begin to equip them to better live out that calling. This is a lay-led program that  begins with a “retreat” which takes place from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon. The weekend includes 15 talks over the three-day period, mostly by lay people although some of the talks are given by clergy. It is a joyous time with praise music, Spirit-filled moments and times of quiet reflection.

Consistently, those who have participated have found the weekend experience a life-changing one. If you have not participated in such a weekend but feel drawn to it, then this might be God speaking to you!

Tres Arroyos Part of Anglican 4th Day

What is Anglican 4th Day?…

The Anglican 4th Day Movement is a worldwide movement of the Christian Church which seeks to bring individuals to Christ through Christian communities in action. It proposes no new type of spirituality, but simply a method by which one’s spirituality can develop, grow and be shared. The Anglican 4th Day works to form groups of men and women who are Christian leaders who will provide backbone for Christian life in the world. Anglican 4th Day is designed to make it possible to live in what is fundamental to being a Christian – to live in union with Christ and to share Christ with others.



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