Ministry Partners Needed – Uganda School

UgandaClassroomIn 2004 Holy Cross Anglican Church in Kent, Ohio, was formed. In searching about for episcopal oversight, the congregation developed a relationship with South Rwenzori Diocese in

the Anglican Church of Uganda, and their bishop, +Jackson Nzerebende. Holy Cross began to tithe to Uganda (as well as MDAS, once it began), and that money was used to set up an NGO, FIPHAI-Ug (Fighting Poverty with Hands, Uganda). The most immediate result of this was the foundation of a school for children from a slum in Kasese, Uganda–the only school in Uganda that does not charge tuition! The school started as a nursery school for AIDS orphans, but has expanded to be a co-educational, day and boarding school for some 400-500 children who would otherwise have no chance at an education.

UgandaSchoolChildrenThe school is now 15 times bigger than when it began, but the parish in Ohio is the same size (a consequence of starting a conservative parish in the most liberal town in the state). We need ministry partners who can help support this effort, the front line against efforts by Islamists to discredit the school, the diocese, and the church. Is there any parish in MDAS that would be willing to pledge regular support to this school? Whether the pledge is large or small, a dollar goes a long way in Uganda, and the need is great. What the school and diocese need are regular, dependable contributors, as well as the one-time gifts which help to defray extraordinary costs.

Any person or parish that would like to help can contact the priest of Holy Cross Anglican Church, David Mathus, at, or Bishop Nzerebende directly at The harvest is great, but the laborers are few.

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